9 important Reasons to Study IT or Computer science


  1. Availability of jobs in the IT field!

It’s true that a lot of countries are battling recession and a lot of jobs are facing low employment rate, be assured that it doesn’t affect the IT industry, it will surprise you to know that the need for computer scientist and IT experts keeps increasing every day.

  1. High pay is guaranteed

Since the majority of people look at the pay of any job before going for it, you will be amazed to know that apart from an opportunity for jobs in the IT sector, the pay is also quite encouraging even for starters.


  1. Maximum job satisfaction

It is quite true that you need to be satisfied and happy doing your job as it’s not just about the money. It will interest to know there is higher rate of job satisfaction in the IT sector compared to another sector. According to the recent study in the UKI, it was revealed that the rate of satisfaction in the computer/ It sector is double the rate of other sectors. That sounds awesome if you ask me


  1. it’s incredibly diverse

It goes beyond desktop PC. Even in computing industry, there are several career options like desktop support, programming and database management. Computer technology cannot be ignored as it has formed an important part of human life. Having a degree in computing will lead to having a career in either nanotechnology, biotechnology or robotics.


  1. You can earn money while you study

Don’t just seat while learning, put your little experience into practice, go freelance, put in for web development, IT support or any skills or whatever you have gained so far in your study, so that you gain more experience and sharpen your skills while making little cash to easy your school fees or training fees. If you want to go deeper in the training, and wants to keep freelancing as well, you can consider putting in for an online Bachelor in information technology.


  1. Amazing problem-solving skills

In computer science, logic and problem-solving skills are sharpened every day which is why it extremely suicide to pick an argument with a computer scientist as they will always win.


  1. Many online IT Masters

If you are still doubting whether studying computer science abroad is a good idea, perhaps, there online master’s degree will be more appealing to you. Few international universities such as skyline etc. are a good option for you.



Skyline University College – University City of Sharjah, UAE


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