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FAH GPU Tracker V2

FAH GPU Tracker V2 is a Folding@Home client tracking and control program that I created to make folding easier.

Tracker main window


- Controls up to 9 clients (CPU or SMP, up to 8 GPUs)
- Tracks detailed stats for every client and every name/team combo
- Tracks WU failures by project number for each client
- Saves the logs of failed WUs
- Can automatically reconfigure user information from an XML file
- Gaming Pause feature to pause clients while gaming
- Automatically updating projects list (pulled from psummary)
- Hides all client windows to prevent taskbar clutter
- Can be minimized to system tray
- Automatic update support
- Heat Control setting to throttle GPUs based on the current WU
- Allows switching between the GPU2 and GPU3 clients (per-GPU)
- Can export an XML file with the current status of the Tracker
- Can upload the XML status file to an FTP server
- Downloads the FAH clients from Stanford on first run
- PPD monitoring of all clients including bonus points for SMP A3

Download 3.54 Final