What The Immigration Medical Examination Entails

When an aspirant applies for the Inexperienced Card, one of many steps in your entire course of is showing for the Immigration Medical Examination.


As soon as the applicant fixes up an appointment with the Civil Surgeon, who’s particularly appointed by the USCIS, a physique which screens all immigration procedures in the USA of America.

The applicant will likely be requested whether or not there are any signs that might indicate the next:

• Pulmonary
• Cardiovascular
• Musculoskeletal and
• Neuropsychiatric.

Different signs will even be appeared out for which might point out whether or not the applicant is contaminated with any of the illnesses or not. The Civil Surgeon will test for any infections that might make the particular person not legitimate for admission HSSC Group D Question Paper.


A bodily examination will then be performed, the place the applicant’s bodily organs will likely be examined – nostril, throat, eyes, ears, coronary heart, stomach, lymph nodes, pores and skin, exterior organs and many others.

The applicant’s psychological make-up will even be checked – to rule out any psychological sickness or situation. On this examination the physician will test for the intelligence, comprehension, temper, conduct and different psychological nuances.

There are particular illnesses that render the particular person inadmissible into the immigration process. There will likely be blood exams and X-rays which might be part of the testing. Fasting needn’t be accomplished earlier than taking the check, however the physician needs to be consulted for this earlier than taking the check.

In case the applicant is sick and can’t take all of the exams then a advice to the applicant’s household physician will likely be made. The applicant can get higher after which instructed to come back again after which take the immigration medical examination after a while.

If the applicant has an uncommon case and there are some uncertainties then the applicant could possibly be referred to another physician to get a second opinion. Additional testing too could possibly be carried out, if the physician requires it.


As soon as your entire examination is completed, a type will likely be given to the physician that must be stuffed up. On this type, which is known as the I-693 the physician will file the findings of the examination and the testing particulars.

The applicant will likely be given a sealed envelope which comprises all the small print from the physician. This sealed cowl must be handed over to the USCIS with out disturbing the contents.

If the envelope is discovered opened then the examination will likely be thought of invalid. It might probably occur that when a visa is being utilized for abroad, then the respective consulate will get the outcomes instantly.

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